To ensure adequate time for individual instruction, class size is limited to 14 students. Space may be reserved by registering on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students must reserve their space by registering with the school prior to the start of classes. Equipment will be provided for all beginner students. Students will receive a Theraband (training device), an arm guard, and a finger sling. These are for the students keep. The bows and arrows are supplied and kept by the school.

Beginner Registration Fee:

  • $185.00 (Individual)
  • $299.00 (Family of 2)
  • $375.00 (Family of 3)
  • $425.00 (Family of 4)


Monthly membership fees are only payable by Credit Card or Debit Card. On or about the first day of the month, the enrolled students' account will be debited for the purpose of paying for tuition. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted. Checks should be made payable to X-RING ARCHERS. If a check is returned, the client will be responsible for any bank charges incurred, plus a $30.00 fee.

Basic/Family Membership*


Gold Membership Int/Adv (Unlimited)*

1 $87.00
2 $165.00
3 $235.00
4 $315.00
1 $165.00
2 $275.00
3 $345.00
4 $399.00
  • Open Shooting: $20.00 single session
  • Private Lessons: $95 per hour
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $135 per hour
  • League (16 weeks): $208.00

* When enrolling/signing up for a basic/Unlimited registration, the student/parent/enrollee will commit to 6 full consecutive months of classes at X-Ring Archers School of Archery and that the payment for tuition will be debited from a Debit/Credit Card that is kept on file, on or about the first of every month while the student is currently enrolled in the school. If the student starts a class in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, of 5th week in the month, the full month will start as th beginning of his committal of enrollment.

Click here to download a copy of the registration form. You may scan and email the signed registration form or you may also bring it to the school directly.


  Student's Name :-
  Complete Address :-
  Phone Number :-
  Email :-
  Mother/Father/Guardian :-
  How did you hear about
the school?
Please make a selection. I have read, understand, and accept all policies of X-Ring Archers-School of Archery. I agree to pay Initial Beginner Registration fee. I assume all responsibilities for any damages caused by me on X-RING ARCHERS premises and do not hold the school of X-RING ARCHERS liable for any injuries sustained at the school. I grant X-RING ARCHERS the right to use my name, and/or picture for promotional purposes. With the signing of this contract, I, (Parent/Guardian) give my permission to let (Student's Name) participate in X-RING ARCHERS Archery program. In order to demonstrate to you or your child proper shooting form, sometimes the instructor may need to touch arms, shoulders, neck, head, hands, feet, hips, and back to hep place the student in the correct shooting position.
Do you object to your child being touched within these parameters?

When signing up for a basic/Unlimited registration, I understand that I am committing to six months of classes at X-RING ARCHERS – School of Archery and that payment for tuition will be debited from my Debit/Credit Card on or about the first month while currently enrolled in the school.